Madonna has taught me how to be present and to see the true value of how special and wonderful I am.. I would recommend Madonna’s programs to anyone. Whenever I find myself not coping so well, I go back to what Madonna taught me and it helps immediately. Madonna has incredible insight, and is so loving and non-judgemental. She has helped me find a level of peace in my life I had previously not experienced. Mary

Madonna Sharpe is an energetic healer who specialises in emotional healing.

Madonna assists people in creating greater awareness in their lives by actively listening without judgment, allowing one to be truly heard and reflecting back that which is not being said.

Madonna has a natural clairvoyance that allows her to observe what is really going on for another at a soul level, revealing the truth of any given situation.


Her intuitiveness and knowing helps to facilitate the clearing of emotional blocks and stagnant energy that may be hindering a person’s progress in life, through their fears, limiting self judgments and beliefs.

Fear has the ability to stop us reaching our highest potential.  It can keep us locked in self destructive behaviour, preventing us from letting go of old habits and negative thought patterns that no longer serve us.  Sometimes the simple act of uncovering the triggers and beliefs can help us move forward and promote change – enabling us to break through our emotional blocks and move forward in life with confidence and joy

Madonna’s guidance, healing and love pulled me out of a dark place.. it was inspiring and a wonderful journey for me and I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with anything in their life. Madonna will help you find your true self and believe in your worth. Bernadette

The Ways of Inner Healing – Madonna’s journey

As a young child Madonna spent most of her years feeling like she did not belong – what she saw (intuitively) and heard from those around her, often conflicted.  This caused her much pain and sadness, and in turn gave Madonna an intimate knowledge of fear – as she turned her back on her knowing, trying to fit in with others – assuming they knew better.

It was only after years of suffering and self criticism that Madonna realised that she had a choice – and that choice was to go within and start listening again to her inner self – listening to her inner knowing and trusting the truth that was revealed in the silence.

Madonna has spent the last 20 years rediscovering her true self and in turn, helps facilitate others in their journey within – so that they too may discover their inner beauty and joy.  Through awareness, and observation, everyone has the ability to see through the illusion and observe themselves and their reactions, uncovering not only their beliefs and judgments but also their inner knowing and wisdom.  It is an incredible journey filled with much joy and love.

Self knowledge and inner knowing can not be taught. Your relationship with your self is the most important relationship you will ever have.  It is available to anyone who seeks the truth. Through honesty and observation without judgment, anyone can heal their impediments to happiness and begin to dissolve their image or false ego – discarding that which is not you – and come back to that inner self, inner knowing.. coming back to love.