The Eyes of Love

Posted on Feb 12, 2016
The Eyes of Love

A stunning testimonial from the very talented poet Patricia Dryden.

Madonna – The Eyes of Love

How deep does your loneliness dwell?
When did you turn your back on true joy?
What is the aching in your heart saying about this life you are living?
You deserve so much more.
It’s time to remember who and what you really are.
Look into the eyes of love
And you will know…

What happened that day in the past,
An unkindness of word or action,
That lingers like a deep shadow across your life?
What if you could open your wings and fly free?
Who can you trust with your inner most feelings?
Who will not abandon or betray your sacred heart?
Look into the eyes of love
and you will know…

Do you awaken in the middle of the night, Your heart choking in sheer panic,
As you cry yourself to sleep to numb the emptiness?
Your pillow knows more secrets
Than the false smile you wear by day to cover your pain.
Look into the eyes of love
and you will know…

Once you laughed like a child and danced unencumbered.
You looked up to the heavens and felt every diamond twinkling star
Touching the wonder inside you.
You knew you were so much more than you had become.
You shuck off this deep sadness and loss, Picked up the reins of life and trudged forward,
But you could not shake off the mud on your feet.
Look into the eyes of love
And you will know…

Who loves us with all of their being and passion?
Who can we dare trust and feel safe enough to share our vulnerability?
Those cried tears of struggle to survive and cope,
flow down our cheeks releasing deep feelings inside.
One tear holds a world of memories,
Locked away some day in the past.
Look into the eyes of love
and you will know…

Looking back over your shoulder…
There stands a little girl weeping on the pathway of life.
You were pushed to achieve, strive, succeed, grow up.
You left her there; lost, frightened, unloved and alone.
Do you love and care enough to go back for her And listen to her broken heart?
That scared child is you!
Look into the eyes of love
And you will know.

Few on this beautiful planet know pure truth
To support healing love to flow within us.
Trust enables the past to come flooding forward to be released,
Hope is birthed out of this trust, Leading to freedom.
You can sense the fragrance of the ocean, Your legs run free across the warm sand,
Upon an endless day, a boundless horizon.

Look into the eyes of love
And you will know…

Patricia L Dryden <3

Heartfelt Thanks

Posted on Mar 24, 2015
Heartfelt Thanks

Too often in life we get caught up in what we feel is lacking in our lives – our desire for more – a better job, flashier car, more income, bigger holidays.

Why not take a moment today to be truly grateful for the gifts and abundance already in our lives – whether it is a loving partner, wonderful family, beautiful environment, a comfortable home, warm bed, nutritious food, great friends or a job that you love.

Gratitude is from the heart – it is a feeling that expands out and can touch the hearts of others. Take the opportunity to truly give to yourself today by reflecting on wealth of the abundance already in your life with gratitude and heartfelt thanks ♥