Madonna has the ability to gently yet firmly bring your awareness to what is not working or serving you – and for you to realise why and how you can change your life through your awareness. I love how Madonna teaches you to give yourself permission to love and honour yourself. My intuition is flourishing and my life going from strength to strength. An amazing woman with much wisdom to pass on. Thank you Madonna. Tracey

The Golden Wings Advanced Healing course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the dynamics of the energetic world, and how our thoughts and emotions ultimately contribute to our health and wellbeing.

You will discover simple yet effective techniques that can clear emotional and mental blockages that prevent a person from fully experiencing the joy of life.

This course focuses on self-acceptance and observation without judgement, so that the truth of any situation may be revealed. You will be encouraged to trust your intuition and be gently guided on a journey of self-discovery, that when embraced, can promote healing on a profound level.

You will learn an abundance of ways to facilitate healing on a personal and professional level. Topics covered include:

  • The workings of the mind
  • The consciousness
  • The energy bodies
  • The soul
  • Getting to know energy and chi
  • Energy clearing and self-protection
  • Healing of the emotions
  • Understanding the internal organs and disease
  • Understanding colour
  • Counselling
  • As well as developing the ability to ‘see’, case studies and much more

golden wings

The course is run in a relaxed workshop style, with course notes supplied and active participation during information and practise sessions. Opportunity is provided for students to explore and experience the various techniques in a supportive and safe environment.

The course is open to all and has led to profound growth and change for previous participants throughout the world. The Golden Wings Advanced Healing course consists of an introductory weekend and six weekend workshops over an 18 month to 2 years period.

A new DYNAMIC HEALING Group is starting soon!

Introductory Weekend beginning March 2018


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