Journey WithinAre you yearning to know yourself better? To feel that deep sense of love, peace and freedom which comes from true self-acceptance and knowing your own worth? If you are ready to allow your inspiration and inner being to shine through and guide your life – then this course is for you!

JOURNEYING WITHIN offers a unique opportunity to learn about the dynamics of your inner being. It is about discovering what is going on for you – what you are doing to contribute to and perpetuate the same old patterns of lack and feelings of insecurity and limitation in your life. We will recognise and observe when the inner critic is engaged and see how it is our own beliefs and judgements that are creating our reality – not someone or something else.

..As I’ve worked with you Madonna, the most powerful discovery has been that I already have everything I need inside me.  I don’t need to become anything.. I already am. Kelly

What is it that you are creating in your life? Are you creating the abundance and joy that you dream of – with endless possibilities and opportunities? Or are you creating more frustrations and limitations in your life – effectively creating more of what you do not want? Maybe you are doing the same old same old – yet hoping for a different outcome?

Journeying Within is an inner journey that requires you to look deep within – to be honest about how you are contributing to your current situation and seek an internal solution to your unhappiness and lack. To let go of the belief that you are not worthy of love or that somehow you are intrinsically not enough –and to trust that deep inside there is a being that wants to love and support you each and every day.

..What I did need was a few simple tools to identify some old thoughts and behaviours that were no longer serving me and start uncover my true self. Thank you for giving me the knowledge I needed at exactly the point I needed it. Kelly

Journeying Within is an in-depth online series that runs for 7 consecutive weeks. The total investment for this programme is $1400 and includes 2 consultations per week, guided visualisations and meditations for contemplation, a private facebook page for communications; as well as weekly exercises and worksheets. Payment plans are available on request.

  • Week 1: A Sense of Belonging (base chakra)
  • Week 2: Fear or Love (sacral chakra)
  • Week 3: Relationships (solar plexus chakra)
  • Week 4: Love & Inspiration (heart chakra)
  • Week 5: Speaking Your Truth (throat chakra)
  • Week 6: Trusting Your Intuition (third eye chakra)
  • Week 7: Your True Self (crown chakra)

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DEEPER ASPECTS OF SELF is a continuation of the Journeying Within series, where you will be given the opportunity to delve deeper into your inner workings. Through honest observation without judgement – you will see what is and is not working in your life and how you are contributing by your feelings, thoughts and reactions.

Madonna has been an amazing sounding board, coach, mentor, counsellor and friend all at the same time and the work we’ve done and the ground we’ve travelled has been so worth it. Lisa

This series focuses on listening within and taking immediate action. It is about being truthful about what is going on for you – observing when you are listening to and acting on your inspiration; and recognising when you are coming from your conditioning and beliefs.

Are you perpetuating lack and creating the blocks and limitations that are currently present in your life? Various exercises, reflections and discussions will assist in revealing any hidden agendas, beliefs or judgements. Do you live your life from love or react from fear?