Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Invest in it! You are worth it.

INSPIRATIONAL MEDITATION is empowering meditations using creative visualisations, breath awareness and relaxation techniques to bring your awareness and energy back inside your being.

The meditations are an opportunity to take some quality time for yourself to discover what is really going on inside your being – in truth, allowing you to discover the real you! Inspirational Meditation is an exciting new technique that helps you centre within and take the time to feel what is really going on inside your being.

Meditation is an amazing tool that can help calm a busy mind, allowing you to stop – breathe and reflect within – to highlight any problems in your body, release suppressed emotions and energy; and bring awareness to any areas that may need your attention – to help bring you back into balance. Guided visualisations assist in bringing the focus back to your internal world (allowing you to let go of the external for a while).

Life is full of busyness these days – we are constantly on the go and at times our minds are running a thousand miles a minute. So much energy and time invested in thinking, worrying, running … anything to avoid acknowledging our feelings and emotions.

As a healer and personal development teacher – I have seen firsthand the results of such busyness that modern day living seems to demand from us. I have observed an escalation of stress and stress related illness in clients (and people in general) particularly over the last few years.

There is an increased need for people to stop, relax and take the time to pause and reflect on what is really going on inside their being. This is specifically what Inspirational Meditation is designed to do.


The meditations involve relaxation, gentle meditation as well as guided visualisations that allow participants to feel into their body and being.

The classes touch on emotion, blocked energy, shallow breathing and any discomfort that is felt in the body. In essence the classes are about body consciousness and awareness as a tool to promote health and prevent disease. The classes are specifically designed to balance all facets of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Inspirational Meditation is now offered online! So you can participate from anywhere in the world – in the convenience of your own home. A new series is ran each month – so why not find out more and join one today!

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Thank you so much Madonna for this series of meditations. Each one has been a precious gift of deep inner healing. The resonance of your voice is so calming as love unties the knots of the past, guiding and supporting us on our journey to freedom within. Thank you, love always.. Patricia